Peanut butter production business plan

The peanuts are removed from vines by portable, mechanical pickers and transported to a peanut sheller for mechanical drying. All the nuts in each batch must be uniformly roasted.

The appearance of the jar, packaging, label and brand name are uniquely designed to attract discerning people. This report provides a comprehensive business feasibility analysis and helps you to take the decision of starting up business. A newer process than heat blanching, water blanching was introduced in This information enables you to analyse to decide your startup plan with resources available with you.

The other source is from the indigenous entreprenuers, for example if you go to Magaba in Mbare, Harare, there will be plenty of the machines on sale. Other parameters are product development, product penetration and expansion.

It is advisable to purchase the grinding machine from big reputable engineering companies as they do offer after service and guarantees. However the uniqueness of the product should carve a niche and attract huge patronage.

This report provides a comprehensive business modelling analysis and helps you to take the decision of starting up business. Groundnuts Sheller manual Premises, Licencing and Labour If you are producing peanut butter for your business at a large scale, you will have to find industrial premises for your peanut butter plant.

So you can make arrangements with farmers to buy the groundnuts in bulky. If you want to be really profitable in your peanut butter business, you will have produce peanut butter at a large scale, and target the wholesalers, supermarkets and organisations. Product features include a good combination of wholesome ingredients Organization and Management The management team consists of a chief executive officer and founder of the business.

The production process guarantees competitive pricing and marketability. Lowers the risk of cardiovascular, and coronary heart diseases. The Manufacturing Process Planting and harvesting peanuts 1 Peanuts are planted in April or May, depending upon the climate.

The major investment in peanut butter production is the machinery. You should always carry out a feasibility study, market research and write a business plan before you venture into any business.

In that case there will be need of a groundnut sheller, which can be bought from from the local engineering companies.

Starting Peanut Butter Manufacturing Business in Zimbabwe And the Business Plan

From the grinder, the peanut butter goes to a stainless steel hopper, which serves as an intermediate mixing and storage point. The peanut plant is a vinelike plant whose flowerstalks wither and bow to the ground after fertilization, burying the young pods, which come to maturity underground.

Carver's interest in peanuts began in the mids, after he had pursued much research and education about other crops, especially sweet potatoes. Louis World's Fair as a health food, peanut butter was recommended for infants and invalids because of its high nutritional value.

Products The peanut butter will have a taste profile unavailable in the market. Peanut butter in Zimbabwe is added to food like rice, relish, vegetables, bread and porridge.

Fund spending includes lawyer fees, insurance website development, payroll including sales and marketing. To make your peanut butter more marketable you will need branding. Marketing Peanut butter snack production attracts a billion dollar revenue world wide.

If you want to be really profitable in your peanut butter business, you will have produce peanut butter at a large scale, and target the wholesalers, supermarkets and organisations.

Bigger machines are preferred because they have a higher output for example some produce 30kg per hour while others can go up to 80kg per hour, therefore size and scale of the operations will be a determining factor on the type and number of machines needed.

After cooling, the peanut butter is ready to be packaged.

Peanut Butter

Next, they are dry roasted in large ovens, and then they are transferred to cooling machines, where suction fans draw cooling air over the peanuts.“Business Plan / Project Report – Peanut Butter Manufacturing Unit” describes Industry Overview, Business Feasibility, Business Modeling, Business Planning, Financial, Technical aspects of the business idea.

Also emphases on Market Position, Demand, Market Size, Statistics, Market Dynamics and Trends. The peanut butter manufacturing business plan includes includes a mini-directory with contacts which will prove to be helpful in launching and running your peanut butter production business.

Peanut Butter Manufacturing Unit – Business Plans and Reports

E.g. We will provide the contact details of the companies that sell peanut butter machines e.t.c. Peanut Butter - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost And Revenue, Plant Economics: Peanut butter is not “butter” but butter like product made from ground nut.

The Latest Reports with Statistics & Trends from Top Industry Decisions · Industry Challenges · Award-Winning Solution. ACTS Peanut Butter will compete in the snack food production industry (NAICS ).

The industry produces $ billion in revenue annually and has an average annual growth rate of %. Peanut Butter makes up % of the overall snack food production industry, making it a billion dollar industry.

Revenues from peanut butter: Assuming selling price of grams per bottles of peanut butter would be Rs, annual production of peanut butter would be bottles. And the annual income would be Rs Total sales of all items would be Rs.

lacs.s Raw and Packing Materials Required at % (Rs. in lacs) Product Qty.

Making the world a better place, one PBJ at a time.

(Tonnes) Price.

Peanut butter production business plan
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